City Toronto is right beside a city that has an airport. That city is called Mississauga. Simply book your flight to airport code YYZ and take either a $65 cab ride to City Toronto, or use the Airport Express Train or take public transit. For public transit, take the airport train to the public transit pick up, then take a bus to Kipling station, then a subway to Bloor, then transfer and take another subway to Union, then a streetcar, then a bus, then flag down a cab. The $3 (plus cab fare) journey only takes 90-120 minutes!


Please consult a ferry company for information as we do not know how you would possibly get here by sea.

If you are planning on driving to city Toronto, take a plane instead. Driving can result in unwanted emotions that most people are unable to deal with. Furthermore, studies show that emotional tourists have less fun because they spend less money. city Toronto does not need any more emotional (aka cranky) people as the 6.5 million residents are doing the cranky-thing quite well already.

We suggest visitors bring enough spending money to last an entire year. It is encouraged you spend all of your money before returning home because we cannot help you if you lose your money whilst travelling back home.




City Toronto is great for lots of weather. During the months of September to June, tempatures range from -30 to +12. Sometimes it snows. During the summer tempature is warmer and ranges from 25 to 45.

Dress appropriately but bring limited clothes as tourists are encouraged to buy new clothes whilst visting city Toronto.

It is highly reccomended that visitors do not interact with the public. Many important people live in city Toronto and you would be only getting in their way.






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*please do not send candy cigarettes as we are trying to quit






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