This contest is not really a contest and should not be thought of as a contest because contestants are not contestants rather participants in an artistic art thingy and since there is no contest there is no real prize or prizes so you cannot win but nor can you lose. By participating in the fake contest of Trump Tower Idol you understand that this is a fake contest and that you are doing so by your own decision and you can't hold The Sicks, or any other people responsible or liable for your participation g in something that actually doesn't exist. Trump Tower Idol doesn't have any real affiliation with Trump or his fucking company or his "Presidency". This is a parody as well, so if you are Trump or work for Trump you can fuck off instead of tryin to sue someone because this is a parody, you stupid fuck. If you work for Trump or under his company name you hereby agree to indirectly or directly supporting the actions of a man that can be described nothing sort of a moron, simpleton, dickhead, sexists, homophobic cunt, racist, ignorant, narcissistic twat. THIS IS NOT A REAL CONTEST. DUH. THIS HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH AMERICAN IDOL OR ANY OF THOSE OTHER FUCKNG PROGRAMS THAT ARE SIMILAR. By sending in video of yourself dancing you understand that this is not a contest but The Sicks will use your footage in the parody-comedy web-series and people will laugh at the fact you did the dance but they won't be laughing at you personally, unless noted otherwise or under the viewers discretion. By participating in Trump Tower Idol you understand that you must give any person who worked on the sicks $5 Canadian if you ever meet him in person because that is a fee you agree to pay to be associated with him in any shape or form. Money must be paid using a fresh 5 Canadian Dollar Bill, though unfresh or slightly used bills may be accepted under certain uncertain circumstances. Do not do anything illegal. Do not go on private property and do something illegal. Seek legal advice if you are unsure of what is legal and what is illegal. Stay on public property just to keep things easy. Don't be a dick if you are asked to move or stop, unless you are on public property then you can remind them you are on public property unless a Police officer(s) asks you to move then you probably should because Police have some different rights and they can arrest you or make life difficult etc even though you might not actually be doing something illegal. This is not to be taken as legal advice. If you are fined or arrested for participating in Trump Tower Idol you can fuck off before thinking that The Sicks or anyone involved in the making of trump tower idol or the sicks will pay the fine or your bail or your legal fees because you were told RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, THAT NO ONE IS TELLING YOU TO DO IT AND TRUMP TOWER IDOL ARE NOT ACTUALLY TELLING PEOPLE TO GO TO TRUMP TOWER AND DANCE BECAUSE ALL OF THIS IS JUST A BIG FUCKING JOKE. This fake contest will close/end when it makes sense to close/end this fake contest. Contest not valid if you live in Quebec, as per usual.